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Read below to learn more about Rhonda M. Hixon Attorney At Law in Redding, CA. She is dedicated to effectively representing her clients.

Education & Experience

Rhonda graduated from Loyola Law School in 1985. Since being an active lawyer, she has consistently remained in good standing and has never had a complaint or been found incompetent with the state bar. During her early career, she worked as a deputy district attorney in Shasta County from 1987-1992, an LA County probation officer, a federal public defender, and a conflict defender for ten years. She has worked with thousands of people and knows the intricacies of the legal and criminal law systems.

State Bar # 119870

An Honest, Direct Approach

In criminal law, there is no place for tiptoeing around the important issues. Everyone involved must understand the proceedings and work together to achieve the desired result. Rhonda is much respected for her direct and honest approach; she doesn't hide or sugarcoat anything. It's important to her that her clients never feel alone in the fight—she is on their team!

Ms. Hixon values communication and trust. She has a knack for explaining details to anyone, and she makes sure that she is easily accessible to do so. People trust her for excellent, straightforward communication and advice regarding criminal law. As soon as you hire her, you can stop worrying and know that you're in good hands.

Dedicated to You

In the legal industry, it's a common practice for lawyers and attorneys to take on a large number of cases. However, this is not a practice Rhonda M. Hixon believes in. She only takes on the number of cases that she can successfully handle. When Rhonda is your lawyer, you can have complete faith that she'll work hard for you and dedicate personal time to your case. She's never forced to skip over details or speed up the process. It's about doing a great job for her clients—and she's committed to doing just that every single time.