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Rhonda M. Hixon is ready to help you understand the cannabis industry, obtain your license, and grow your business. She provides full-service licensing consulting, compliance, and business services for cannabis companies. Depend on her for the finest in cannabis licensing consulting in Redding, CA. For any direct inquiries, email cannabislicensingconsultants@gmail.com, or call for a free quote today. She can get you started right away!

Compliance Consulting

The second phase of compliance regulations comes into effect on July 1. Cannabis companies in California are expected to be 100 percent compliant with all state and local laws by this time. We're dedicated to making that happen for you. Depend on us to:

  • Make Your Business Compliant
  • Implement Proper Standard Operating Procedures
  • Successfully Plan Your Business' Growth in the Industry's New Regulatory Framework

Call (530) 638-4315 for more information about cannabis business consulting and compliance in California.

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Live One-on-One Sessions

Going in blind is not advantageous when making critical business decisions. We are not only here to help problem solve, but will also provide our clients with the proper tools and resources to continue moving forward. These one-on-one consultations give you the ability to ask any questions or address any concerns you might have regarding the cannabis industry.

Let Your Passion Be Your Profit

If you want to start a medical or adult/recreational use marijuana business or bring your existing one into compliance with current California law, you will need to obtain a cannabis business license. The process for obtaining a California medical or recreational use license is extremely complex. You need to obtain a local permit for your business as a condition for applying for a state license. Essentially, you need to go through two grueling application processes. But Rhonda is an experienced and skilled marijuana licensing professional and cultivation consultant. She is driven to help you succeed at every stage of the process. Contact her today to get your piece of the 'cannabis-pie.'

Services Offered — From Seed to Sale

Rhonda is committed to building strategic partnerships with her clients by offering her exemplary skill and experience in the cannabis industry. Her custom-crafted solutions provide support and guidance for investors, novices, and expert medical marijuana entrepreneurs. She wants to set your up for success, whether you are looking to break into the industry or have previous experience with owning or operating a dispensary or cultivation, manufacturing, or testing facility. Rely on Rhonda to handle and champion all your legal needs and business issues from seed to sale and all points in between, including:

  • Application Development
  • Licensing Procurement
  • Compliance
  • Business Plans
  • Legal Services
  • Track n Trace
  • Seed to Sale
  • Set-Up
  • Training, Management, & Maintenance
  • Operation Plans & Procedures
  • Security Compliance
  • Cultivation Consulting
  • Grow Room Construction & Materials
  • Master Grower Instruction & Guidance
  • Registration with all required State & Local Agencies
  • Pre-Licensing Determination
  • Research & Development
  • Zoning Compliance (Property Line Adjustments)
  • Criminal Record Review/Expungement
  • Business Ideas & Structure

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Attorney Services

Give yourself peace of mind by having an attorney on your side. Rhonda M. Hixon is dedicated to your cannabis business venture. She'll fight for your eligibility to start the business and petition the courts to expunge or reduce criminal records concerning marijuana-related offenses. Rhonda is thoroughly up-to-date with all cannabis laws and regulations. Depend on her for:

  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Representation Regarding Licensing
  • Drafting & Reviewing Legal Documents
  • On-Site Assistance
  • Rapid Responses
  • Personal Assistance

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